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How to cancel flight and rebook cheaper same dates

Explorer C

I’m scheduled with my kids to fly out next week. We did get a $99 flight to, but it’s at 6am and trip home has been reduced to $200 per person. 

How can I cancel and rebook for flights $200 pp

that leaves a credit of $600. if we go on the same dates I would save $600


Or we can go middle to end of May or June and bring one more family member will still cheaper. Plus the hotel prices are ramped up due to spring training - cancelled - we weren’t going anyway. 

Besides concerns that many places may be closed down I’m recovering from a recent broken wrist and ankle (post surgery) 




Re: How to cancel flight and rebook cheaper same dates

Aviator A

I'm not quite sure what you are asking. Do you need help changing your flight or rebooking itinerary at the lower fare? You can change your flights on and you'll see if the price is higher or lower. Any decrease will be saved for you to use later as a travel fund.



Re: How to cancel flight and rebook cheaper same dates

Aviator A

You don’t need to cancel to get the cheaper price. All you do is click the change flight option and you click on the cheaper fare it will then show you how much credit you will receive then you click book and you will have that credit to use on a future flight within a year of when you originally booked. the travel on that new reservation you book must be completed by the expiration date of these travel funds. Keep in mind this travel fund is only usable by the currently ticketed passengers the funds are non transferable.