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In Costa Rica now will my return flight be cancelled?

Explorer C

I am in Costa Rica now and government just announced only citizens may enter starting 3/18 my return flight is 3/21. It has not been cancelled yet but I looked to change return to earlier and all flight show sold out. Will my return flight be cancelled? Will I get an email about it? There is a big red exclamation point on my app that says I can change flight with no charge but nothing is available! 


Re: In Costa Rica now will my return flight be cancelled?

Aviator A

Nothing has been announced so no one can give you a definite answer. Generally if all service to an location was going to be stopped it would be announced ahead of time and you would be able to adjust plans if needed. As you have a return flight booked you will receive notification of any changes. Sure, you can change your flight if you want and based on the notice you are seeing there would be no charge to do so regardless of the fare of the new flight. Anything can happen nowadays and some rule changes may be outside of Southwest's control so you might not get much notice.