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Is it getting any better?

Explorer C

In general, have things gotten any better today? I'm scheduled to fly STL-MSY on Friday morning and - as of right now - my flight is still showing as active. The flight number has been canceled since Monday, just like pretty much everyone else, and will be through the final scheduled leg, HOU-LGA, tomorrow. I paid for Early Bird Check-In, so I'll be checked in for my Friday flight in about an hour. 

I do have a backup plan, but it involves a drive from STL to New Orleans. Not ideal, by any means, but it would still get me there for my friend's wedding on NYE. At the moment, I'm planning to go to the airport Friday morning as if I'm flying, parking my personal vehicle at the airport, and seeing what happens. Worst case scenario, it's canceled and I use one of the two reservations that I have in Enterprise's system for me -- the other is for pickup in New Orleans, if the flight actually goes out.


Re: Is it getting any better?

Explorer C

Also, for anyone wanting to look farther in advance than the standard search on the website, you can enter your flight details into this URL and get at least a couple days farther. 


Change your departure date and flight numbers accordingly.



Re: Is it getting any better?

Explorer B

Another resource is FlightAware. After being canceled 3x over the holiday when the SW was down, I found this useful because it updates in real-time and tells you if the plane is on the ground, in flight, landed, etc. Only two days out as well but it has good intel. 


I just checked on a friend's non-stop flight this afternoon from SoCal to NorCal. Six of seven flights were canceled except theirs. When I checked, I saw them taking off in real time. So for them, at least, it's getting better.  



Re: Is it getting any better?

Aviator A

I think it is minimally better, but still not good at all. Over 2000 Thursday flights canceled.


You should have a much better idea tomorrow.


Good luck

Re: Is it getting any better?

Explorer A

Spouse flew to RSW today with a change of plane in MCO.  This was a ticket bought for today, several weeks ago.  On time arrival and got her checked bag.  Your mileage may vary.  I consider us lucky.

Re: Is it getting any better?

Adventurer B

By this time the past few days, Southwest had already cancelled 50% or more of their flights the following day.

Today (Thursday) is showing a total of 39 cancelled flights for Friday (less than 1% of the schedule.).

I also read that Southwest has resumed selling tickets for flights beginning on Friday.

It really looks like they may be on track to operate a fairly regular schedule on Friday.