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Is this an error? ($11.20 fee one way domestic)

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I’ve flown SW for a long time so I know the ins and out of bookings. I’ve never come across a domestic one way flight though that charges $11.20 in the fees for points bookings though. Is this new???


Not posting the route just wondering if it’s new or an error or what. I’ve also never seen SW allow such long connections domestically.


Re: Is this an error? ($11.20 fee one way domestic)

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So most likely that is because the layover is more than 4 hours that is a TSA thing and has been a thing on every other airline for as long as I can remember the difference is southwest used to only sell flights with layovers under 4 hours that changed when they upgraded the system a few years back. 

The 4 hour rule is also a thing for how early you can check a bag if you got to the airport more than 4 hours early you had to wait if you planned to check a bag. 

Re: Is this an error? ($11.20 fee one way domestic)

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Here's what the Google turned up. The 4+ hour layover is the issue.




Re: Is this an error? ($11.20 fee one way domestic)

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Bumping because I saw this increased fare for the first time the other day and was wondering why it was double the price!


I don't know why I'm second guessing myself, but even if you had a 4+ hour layover, your checked bags will still be checked to its final destination, correct? I have an upcoming flight that has an exact 4 hour layover. What do they do with the bag all that time, just hold it?