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Kids Not Appearing on Linked Parent Tickets

Explorer C

I bought tickets for my wife and I and then a few days later added tickets for our 3 kids. I had to link us to their tickets in order to buy them. When I looked up the reservation number for online checkin their names do not appear on our reservation. I never got a separate email with their reservation information and didnt think I needed anything because it said it was linked when I bought them. What should I do to find their reservation information? Will the check in people just see them on there and print boarding passes for them? 


Thanks for your help!


Re: Kids Not Appearing on Linked Parent Tickets

Aviator A

Try to check in one of the children via the method that uses confirmation number and passenger name. if it works, then check in the rest.


If it doesn't work, then IMO one of two things happened. 

1) The children have a different confirmation number.  .or.

2) (and I hate to say this) for whatever reason the purchase never was completed. Check your credit card statement to determine if you were actually charged.

Re: Kids Not Appearing on Linked Parent Tickets

Aviator A

I'm guessing your children are age 5-11?  When you went to purchase their ticket the system saw their age and lack of an adult flying with them and needed to know they were not going to be flying as unaccompanied minors.  To check this it asked you for the confirmation number of an adult that is flying on the same flight.  You provided that and the system let you book the flights for the children without tagging them as unaccompanied minors.  The process you went through does not link the reservations as you assumed it would.  The reservations are still separate and since you said you got an email confirmation, the reservation is valid.  You will need to check in yourself and the kids separately.  You can view/manage their reservation here:


You should also sign the kids up for Rapid Rewards accounts if you haven't already.  When you do you can log into their accounts and you would see the reservation there too.