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LUV vouchers cancel a flight

Explorer C

If I purchase a flight for June with travel vouchers that were expected to expire in October, and I need to cancel the June flight. Will I be refunded with flight credits or vouchers that will be good for a year, or will the refunded credits still be set to expire in October? 


Re: LUV vouchers cancel a flight

Aviator A

If they were travel funds, they would revert to travel funds with their original expiration dates.


I suspect the same is the case with vouchers.


Why? Doing what you suggest (with new one year expiration dates)  would allow people to extend voucher expiration dates forever by simply repeating the process.

Re: LUV vouchers cancel a flight

Aviator A

@Robertt012 wrote:

You can cancel within 24 hours of booking and receive a complete refund. Then rebook and apply the vouchers to the new reservations. 


When you apply Travel Funds or Vouchers to a booking, that booking takes on the earliest expiration date of those funds or vouchers.


The same thing happens if you cancel within 24 hours. Your "complete refund" will come in the form of Travel Funds, even if you've used a voucher. 


In all cases the expiration date remains the same, so there's no benefit to this suggestion.