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Las Vegas refund or lack of

Explorer C

We booked a vacation package to Las Vegas though Southwest Vacations. We were to travel on July 11-14. We canceled on June 27, 2020 due to Covid restrictions and many places were closing due to the virus. So I filled out my form because the lady on the phone told me it would be quicker. Since we canceled so early  I did not have any tickets to return or passes. I was told it would take at least 90 days for get a refund and if they needed anymore information that I would be contacted. Well, it is now 120 days past our travel date. 
The only email I have received from southwest vacations is they received my form to cancel or trip.  I have tried to call and get a voice message or if I can get to a representative it is over an hour wait time. I have also sent 2 emails just looking into the status of the refund. My gut is telling me that we may just be out the $804 that we paid for the vacation. We were originally told, by a real person, that we would get  credits for our flights and a refund for our hotel. The credits  would be good until 2022. Well the rate that they are moving to give out these credits 2022 will be here and gone.  Very frustrated, and I don't think that I will ever book a vacatoin through Southwest Vacations


Re: Las Vegas refund or lack of

Aviator A

Southwest Vacations is a separate company, not related to Southwest Airlines.  There have been numerous complaints about how slow they have been to provide refunds.  The best advice is to continue to contact them, requesting your refund.


How do I contact Southwest Vacations®? 



Re: Las Vegas refund or lack of

Aviator A

I'd guess the only way you'll be out $804 is if Apple Vacations (called Southwest Vacations from the SW web site) were to go bankrupt. You'll eventually get something from Apple. The question is when.


The company has a poor reputation. Lot's of people come here to complain.


I guess that if I were you, I'd file a Better Business Bureau complaint, and leave a review on every social media site you can think of - trip advisor, yelp, etc.


I don't blame you for not ever wanting to use them again. Lots of people feel the same way.

I know that I won't.

Las Vegas refund or lack of

Aviator C

You know I've often gone to the SW Vacations because they appear to have some great deals.  I look them over, get ready to book, but always at the last moment decide to wait.  Maybe something was telling me, DON'T do it.   With all the complaints I've seen on this company, (NOT AFFILIATED WITH SWA) they just don't have a good reputation.  I would hope at some points SWA would get the picture and have somebody with the company seek out a better vacation package partner.