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Login issues

Explorer C

I tried logging into the web version of southwest. Naturally, I had to reset the password as I seen to have to do with almost every site I go to.


I reset the password and there were no errors indicating that what I entered for a password was invalid. I had to copy and paste the RR number (which by the way, I had to go digging through emails to find). I tried to login - invalid login. I go through the reset again and try to login - invalid login. 


Meanwhile on the app, the RR number and password is saved and I login with my fingerprint. Well, since I changed the password, I had to put it in again. 


The app had no issues accepting the second password I specified but the web still won't accept the login. What's going on?


Re: Login issues

Aviator A

Try manually typing in your RR number. (verify from your working phone)


Sometimes the cut and paste method gets corrupted with what you are seeing being the end result.

Re: Login issues

Aviator A

Make sure you have no spaces before or after your RR number or password 


try the username if you created one instead of the RR number 

Re: Login issues

Explorer C

I would imagine the problem is that the payments system will not accept two different types of payment on one confirmation - just as it probably wouldn't accept a mix of euros and dollars.  us payserv