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Long Beach Flights Cancelled June 29 2021

Explorer C

I received a notification that my flight was delayed and then another notification that the flight was ulitmately cancelled. I have been on hold for an hour since I cannot change the flight to another airport online. Southwest wants me to change my flight to another local airport but I am stuck waiting for someone to help! Meanwhile the flights have all been diverted or cancelled. Does anyone know why the flights were cancelled? There needs to be a better way to make these last minute changes than me waiting on hold this long. There are limited seats on flights this late in the day, literally only two nonstop flights left. Hope I do not get disconnected. UGH!


Re: Long Beach Flights Cancelled June 29 2021


I'm so sorry for the frustration, @TrinaLeia50! We're experiencing an extremely high volume of calls and messages across all channels, and unfortunately, continuing to wait for an Agent is currently the fastest way you'll be able to receive assistance. While our Agents have all hands on deck, we realize we're still falling short of both your and our expectations for Customer Service, and we are working to improve. In the meantime, thank you for hanging in there with us, and thank you for your feedback.


Community Manager