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Los Cabos, San Lucas

Explorer C

Southwest makes so many awesome promises.  As I am on hold they talk of being committed to their customers.  Well I booked a Vacation package 02/03/2021.  So Mi Beach hotel is going to be in renovations the days I booked.  Southwest sent me a notification via Email.  They offered me a place at  Paradisus Hotel which the beach is rock no sand and cost is, $700 more then my Me Beach.   But it is in San Jose, Los Cabos.  I waited 259 minutes before I was connected to a Southwest Agent only so that she could put me on hold AGAIN to see if they could get me a hotel on the beach in San Lucas. Well they wanted me to pay $700 more since I didn't want to accept the Paradisus Hotel.  How can Southwest even send me to a different city?   I want to be near my family.   I want a hotel in the same town I booked in!!!  now I'm on hold AGAIN!  The first agent hung up on me!!!  No Bueno!  I can't find a complaint phone# for Southwest.  I have been flying with Southwest since I was 13yrs old.   parents sent me to my Grandmother via Southwest and I'm in my 50's today.   I'm pissed off!


Re: Los Cabos, San Lucas

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your troubles.


Just to clarify, if you bought a vacation PACKAGE,  you purchased from Apple Leisure Group, which goes by Southwest Vacations at Southwest, and other airline names with other airlines.


It is a completely different company.


It is NOT southwest Airlines. Lots of people have problems with the group.


Here's how to reach them


How do I contact Southwest Vacations®? - The Southwest Airlines Community





Re: Los Cabos, San Lucas

Explorer B

WN needs to take apple vacations off their platform!  They are taking a good name such as WN and running it in the MUDD!! I will never ever use them again 

Re: Los Cabos, San Lucas

Explorer B

Good Luck SouthWest Vacations is terrible! I will never use them again. We are still waiting on a refund from them since November I call and Call just to be on hold for hrs with no help!. Please also take the time and fill out a complaint on this site. This report allows consumers and air travel companies to compare the complaint records of individual airlines and tour operators. The data in this report also serve as a basis for rulemaking, legislation and research. Consumer information for air travelers, including the Air Travel Consumer Report and our pamphlet Fly-Rights, a Consumer's Guide to Air Travel, can be found on our website,