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Low Fare Calendar Price Increases

Explorer C

In mid-January, I checked the low fare calendar for PSP-OAK. It listed most one-way (PSP-OAK / OAK-PSP) flights $49-$59 for the next several months. Since I fly weekly, I planned my travel around this and purchase the least expensive Wanna Get Away tickets (49-$59) a month in advance. Today, when checking the low fare calendar for the same PSP-OAK rates, the flight rates have nearly tripled until the end of 2024. 


What's the point of advertising a low fare calendar when it's unreliable?


Re: Low Fare Calendar Price Increases

Aviator A

What's unreliable? The fares have increased. They always do as we head in to summer.  the calendar still shows the lowest fares by day.


You may not like the fares but the calendar is reliable.


BTW the "after summer" fares will fall. They always do. You may have to wait til August to see it though.

Re: Low Fare Calendar Price Increases

Adventurer C

The low fare calendar just shows all the fares within a month so you can search for the lowest fare if you have flexibility, it does not present different prices than if you searched for a specific day,  The prices you saw were from a sale that had specific time you had to book by before they went up.  You can see the sales offers under promotions and timelines  on the home page