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Last year in March of 202 when COVID hell broke out across the nation I had to cancel several thousand dollars worth of plane tickets for myself and family because of cancelled flights, cancelled events, cancelled weddings, and so on.  Amid the crisis, calling Southwest and getting through was nearly impossible. reverting to the Southwest Website, I was able to cancel every flight I had booked for myself, my wife, my children, and my grandkids, total of over 14 reservations. But apparently, one of these cancellations did not get through on the Southwest website.  Fast forward to 2021 and I discovered this missing credit problem while rebooking several flights with Southwest.  I reviewed all my past correspondence and found no record of the credit for the one flight. I immediately contacted Southwest to get my $400+ credit added to my account. The person I spoke to (after an hour on hold)  was very nice but said they did not have the ability to add the credit on their "system" and  I needed to request my refund in writing on the Southwest Website which I did.  I could not believe it when I received a form letter response via e-mail that basically said I was a "No Show" and I forfeited my $400+. As I explained in my request for the refund, It is obvious from the history in my account that I was cancelling everything I had purchased in the span of two days back in March of 2020. The fact that one of those cancellations was never accepted  by the website was not my fault yet Southwest is keeping my money for a flight that probably never flew. I am very upset to learn that this is how Southwest treats a loyal customer who has spent tens of thousands of dollars in fares over the past several years alone? Very surprised and disappointed. 


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First off, you should probably discuss your situation with customer relations. Perhaps they can do something like provide you with a voucher.


Every time I cancel or change a flight, I get a confirmation e-mail from SW. I bet you do too.

I guess in the heat of  cancelling lots f reservations, you didn't notice that you didn't receive one for the reservation in question.


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@bartpic I've been loyal to SWA since 1996 or earlier.  It did take me about 4-5 years to make them my only airlines (except where they don't fly).  Even so much I'm willing to drive from an airport near where I want to go.  I've had issues with SWA, but in the long run, I've been loyal.  I'm going to stay loyal for the foreseeable future as well.  

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Sorry to hear about your hassles.   I know how frustrating that is.   One thing I try to do is keep the app on my phone.   Any existing reservation will notify me 24 hours before my flight.    So in case I forget...