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Luv Voucher Extension

New Arrival

I have a Luv Voucher that expires in two weeks and I am not ready to travel due to Covid-19 and limited flights and destinations at this time. If I book a flight with the voucher and cancel after 24 hours will my voucher be transferred to Travel Funds, and if so what will be the expiration date? Or what else can I do? I already messaged SW and was told no extensions. Why did Travel Funds get a two year extension and Vouchers got nothing?


Re: Luv Voucher Extension

Top Contributor

Unfortunately Southwest is not currently offering any extensions for Luv vouchers or travel funds. The extension they were offering expired on September 7th. Even if you book a new reservation with the Luv voucher that new reservation will take on the expiration date of your Luv voucher. Keep in mind Luv vouchers can be used to book flights for anyone so if you have any family or friends that need to book a flight for travel in the next 2 weeks you could use the voucher on them.