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Luv Voucher and Travel Credit

Explorer C


Is there a way I can see my travel funds available and vouchers without confirmation codes?

I cant seem to find them  and unsure of the codes and confirmation numbers.




Re: Luv Voucher and Travel Credit

Adventurer B

Paper boarding passes, confirmation emails, or RR account

Re: Luv Voucher and Travel Credit

Aviator A

Travel Funds are visible in your Rapid Rewards account online if you've used your RR number when booking the flights. For a LUV Voucher, you'll need the 16 digit number and security code. If you call, a phone rep may be able to find your voucher info for you, depending on how/why the voucher was issued.



Re: Luv Voucher and Travel Credit

Aviator A

If you used the LUV voucher to buy a flight then cancelled the flight that voucher would become a travel fund and you can then see that under the travel funds page on your account. 


If you want to see how much is left on the voucher you would need the voucher number and security code as already mentioned.