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I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with SW staff at the Kansas City Airport. I assume this is expected service and is why SW does not do follow-up surveys. I would love to be able to give them credit but have not found a way to do it.


Re: MCI Staff

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You can always submit feedback, good or bad, to Southwest.

Contact Customer Relations 



Re: MCI Staff

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I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the experience.


Yes, Southwest employees normally do an exemplary job. 


However, Southwest does run post flight surveys. I've completed several so far this year.

Re: MCI Staff

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@dfwskier @Ryansc @TheMiddleSeat I've also done surveys.  They don't come often, and in fact, only done two in 10 years or so.  But hopefully, you do at least give a shout out to customer service for a job well done.  

Re: MCI Staff

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I just got a post flight surgery today from my flight yesterday. Maybe you accidentally hit unsubscribe on an email and that's why you don't get them. 


As mentioned you can submit your feedback (good, bad, and ugly) to customer relations so they can pass it on accordingly.