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Medical no flight

Explorer C

So I purchased a ticket for my daughter, her boyfriend and their child as a Christmas gift - almost 1500.  I used my Southwest credit card and made the reservations myself.

   I now find out that he cant fly for medical reasons - not a one time thing, just not able to fly.  I contacted Southwest and was basically told too bad.  They will only give a credit in his ne, which is totally useless.  I even asked for a flight credit - me, my daughter, someone who can use it...but nope.

  Being that I'm retired Navy and a government employee, I have always used Southwest when possible - but that will now change.

I understand rules and policies, but there also needs to some understanding for unforseen circumstances.  

   You have lost a faithful customer due to your rigid and inflexible understanding.  Not like you were losing anything, the ticket would have still been used

    I think I will have him make a reservation and just not show up so that at least you lose the seat!!!


Re: Medical no flight

Aviator A

I'm not completely clear but if this was the daughter's boyfriend who can't fly then I would suggest:


  • Take the travel credit that is in his name and buy a new "Wanna Get Away Plus" ticket that is about the same value to any destination/date - make it a little bit in the future so you don't get stuck on timing.
  • Then cancel that trip and he'll now have a transferable travel credit that you can transfer one-time to yourself or your daughter as needed - you can only do this once though. 
  • Then you'll have the travel credit back in your name - this is a good option if you'll be flying next year to use it up.

If the whole trip went through and your daughter also doesn't need her travel credit then do the same thing again.


However I do think if you use the Contact Southwest Customer Service and can send a letter by mail from the doctor about the "no fly" condition you might have a chance to re-request the refund that the phone operator wasn't able to do.


But if you would be satisfied getting the travel credit back in your name, then try the steps listed above. You may need to either add a little money or else leave a little on the table if you can't get a flight that exactly matches the cost of the previous flight.


I hope this helps. Thank you for your service!



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