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More Cancellations Joke

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Another Friday and more BS cancellations. The FAA needs to shut this circus of an airline down until they learn to operate. This clowns randomly cancel flight after flight leaving you stranded. Happened last Friday from Den-San and now today from Den-Las. This was going to be my last flight with this JV airline only because I have flight credits from all these cancellations. However today was the last straw. Once again other airlines out of Den operating without issue except for the other Joker Frontier who is another airline to steer clear. After u get jerked around with cancellations you are forced to call the worst customer service in the business. If you dare, get a pillow, and get comfortable for 2 + hrs. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of these Jokers. 


Re: More Cancellations Joke

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A few bad experiences  does not remove the 95% of flights on time.

Re: More Cancellations Joke

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Sorry your flight was cancelled. Weather is not great around the country right now Elsa is still soaking the north east while Texas has its own soaker and when lightning strikes so do planes because why should ground crews risk their lives for us... They should be allowed safety just like you and me. Sure maybe your planes path had good weather that may not be the case for your crew and without a crew planes won't go. 


As stated on your other posts once travel is complete you can Contact Customer Relations



Re: More Cancellations Joke

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Funny, I just flew from DEN-LAS and am on my way back (I am on a plane right now in fact) with no issues.