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My event was cancelled

New Arrival

So my daughter was suppose to be dancing at Disney in December, BUT Dance the World and Disney cancelled the the Holiday Dance the World event due to this whole COVID situation that we are in. Obviously I am going to need cancel my flights to Orlando and back home....but should i do it via website/app and then my flights travel funds would expire in may of 2021, or should i see if a rep can get my funds to expire in sept of 2022 like my original flights travel funds expire (we originally suppose to go down in mid-june for a summer dance the world event). 


thanks for advice and suggestions



Re: My event was cancelled

Rising Star

You can cancel your flight on the app or website whichever is easier for you and your funds will be valid until September 7th 2022 no need to call for an extension it will happen automatically usually overnight but it could take up to 5 days for expiration date to be updated. Keep in mind you will need to cancel the flight before September 7th 2020 to be eligible for the funds extension.