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NON EXisiting Reservation

Explorer C

HELP i made a reservation for Jan 19-23 . Have the charge on my credit card . Went to my trips today and its not listed . Have no email for the trip confirmation either. I definitely made this trip and it is charged on my credit card. I want to change it to get the credit so i can book another flight for my brothers wake. Have waited over 2 and a half hours on phone line . Im not getting any help here. 


Re: NON EXisiting Reservation

Frequent Flyer A

If you booked through your login, then it is there.  Were you logged in or did you book this via phone?


If you booked by phone, wait for a call back and have this added to your account.

Re: NON EXisiting Reservation

Aviator A

Southwest can look up the reservation by credit card number. Be sure to add your Rapid Rewards account number to the reservation when you call. If you can wait a few days that would help you avoid the long wait. With the high amount of travel and many problems caused by weather the phone lines are swamped.