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Need sw to make things right

New Arrival

I’ve had a trip booked to punta cana since April 2nd. I was informed yesterday that my flights had been changed , leaving us 2 days short of our 10 day vacation. This is a family vacation. I want you to book flights with a partner airline and cover the difference for the same days. I should not have to miss two days of my trip with my family after planning so far in advance. At this point it is going to cost me $1000 extra too book myself. I chose southwest at the time because I like this airline and thought there was better customer service. And it was more expensive in April. But I went with southwest despite my family booking on a different airline. 


Re: Need sw to make things right

Top Contributor

Sorry to hear that is happened to you.


1) Advice: remove your confirmation numbers from your post. Some nefarious person could try to use them and steal your money.


2) Since Southwest made the change, it would allow you to make a no cost change on your own. Keep watching the schedule, and if someone else cancels/changes flights on a better flight, a seat might open up and you could snag it.


3) Southwest does not "interline." That means it does not have the capability to move you to a different  airline.


4) Since Southwest cancelled. you can get a refund.


5) After your trip is over you can contact Customer Relations, which might give you a voucher good for future travel in compensation for the grief you've endured.