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No Hotel booked!

Explorer C

My issue is with Southwest Vacations, not Southwest airlines.  After hours on the phone with an agent in Venezuela 6 weeks ago,  and checking on the hotel before leaving, discovered she had  failed to book 3 nights in the hotel, and had only booked 1.  Trying to get a hotel at the last minute was 3 times the price.  Their customer service is not 24 hours, long waits, and the alternative chat line not in service. South West Vacations utilizes people with English as a 2nd or 3rd language, making communication difficult.  I could not understand about half of what the new agent said.  Southwest did not offer any compensation or to pay for the rooms that they should have booked.  I will not be using Southwest Vacations again for any future travel.


Re: No Hotel booked!

Aviator A

@cdomman wrote:

  I will not be using Southwest Vacations again for any future travel.

LOTS of people feel that way.

Re: No Hotel booked!

Aviator A

Friendly reminder that Southwest Vacations is not related to Southwest Airlines at all and it is best to avoid any dealings with Southwest Vacations.



Re: No Hotel booked!

Aviator A

A lot of people have had “bad” experiences with Southwest Vacations, but as they say people love to post negative experiences instead of positive ones. I used SW Vacations many times in the past and never had issues with it or their services. In fact, I always thought that booking a flight + hotel in the same transaction was rather convenient.


I also don’t think it’s fair to say that Southwest has “nothing” to do with Southwest Vacations. They are an official partner, albeit a third party one, just like anyone else Southwest does business with to promote their brand. Heck, Southwest Vacations is prominently advertised right on the home page of Unpopular opinion, but I think we need to stop treating it like a red headed stepchild when the reality is there’s nothing wrong with it or the services they provide.