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No Ticket in Existence

New Arrival

I have my email confirmation indicating I purchased tickets for my wife and me to travel for vacation. Booked directly through SW. When I go to look up my flight, I keep getting messages that the confirmation number does not exist. So there's no way to make changes to our travel, check in or any thing! On top of that, SW is not answering their phones these days. I did a 3 hour wait last night to no avail, and in the midst of a two hour wait right now. This is not a good look!!


Re: No Ticket in Existence

Top Contributor

Do you have a Rapid Rewards account?  Any reservations you made should be shown in your account.  Were you charged for the reservation?  And just to double check, the confirmation number you are attempting to lookup is 6 characters long with numbers and letters?



Re: No Ticket in Existence

Top Contributor

You didn't purchase from Southwest Vacations, did you? 


That is s totally different company.