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No wanna get away fare mid March 2023

Explorer C

Looking for flight to San Juan March 11 and return March 19 2023. There is no wanna get away fares showing for that time. Will some come available? Right now prices are crazy for that time frame compared to a month before or month after. Thanks 


Re: No wanna get away fare mid March 2023

Aviator A

Sometimes SW does not load any WGA fares. It most likely happens to "desirable" locations at high demand  times of year (spring break in this case)..


The airline thinks it can sell all the seats at the advertised price.If that turns out to not be the case, SW will add some WGA fares later. I've seen this phenomenon on several routes for the week before Christmas this  year. "best" prices dropped by about  40%.


There's no  way to know if that will happen to you.


You have 3 options


1) Keep on watching and if fares drop, then buy.

2) Buy now and keep watching. If fares drop, trade in your ticket for the lower priced one and get a travel fund good for future use. The option does give a a placeholder seat in case things sell out later

3) Buy a ticket on a different airline.

Re: No wanna get away fare mid March 2023

Aviator A

With option 2, since only refundable fares are currently available (Anytime and Business Select) the OP would cancel that reservation and get a full refund, not travel credit.  They could then book a WGA fare using the refund.


It's spring break, hard to say if WGA fares will become available.  If you can afford it, book something now, then deal with refunds later should a lower price become available.