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No warning of cancelled flight

Explorer C

We rebooked a cancelled SW flight to Cancun after getting an email saying our initial flight had been cancelled.

Our new flight was scheduled for 6/8-6/18 which is when Mexico was scheduled to open.

On 5/29 I checked the flight status to see if everything we still on schedule only to see that all flights to Mexico we cancelled on 5/22. It's 5/29 and we still had not received a cancellation notice.

When I first called on 5/29 to speak to a ticket agent she was very nice and told me that the flight had been cancelled. I asked why we had not been notified. She apologized and suggested i call customer service for an explanation and possibly a refund and compensation for lack of notice.

When I finally got ahold of customer service a women apologized and said there must have been a glitch in the system which is why we did not receive our notice. She then went on to tell me we had cancelled our flights on 5/29 when we called to inquire about the flights. I proceeded to ask her how we could cancel a flight that Southwest had already cancelled on 5/22. She could not explain that only to say we had cancelled and apologized. I asked her what would have happened if me and family would have shown up at the airport for the flight at 6am on 6/8 only to find light cancelled not to mention all the expense we inured by not being alerted to the cancelling oi the flight so we could contact condo and ground transportation.

She gave no answer of offered any compensation saying SW does not give free tickets on cancelled flights. I proceeded to tell her I was part of the Royalty of SW RR [program and had been for over 20 years and over that time I had seen many flights cancelled and the flights rebooked and free tickets offered as compensation. She just apologized again.

We understand the whole covid 19 situation and agree that SW had to make a decision even though several other US airlines still flew to Mexico during this time but what we don't understand is why we weren't alerted of the flight cancellation and not offered compensation for the SW mistake.

We have asked Customer Service again for compensation only to get a form letter back stating they are sorry.




Re: No warning of cancelled flight

Frequent Flyer A

I do apologize for this, as it sounds super not fun and frustrating. Because this is a passenger-to-passenger community, I'd suggest raising it to the airline via social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)


I hope this helps and they can take your feedback and fix this going forward. Safe travels!



Community Champion | PHL based | ex-Companion Pass Holder | Southwest Passenger