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Not all Travel Funds Applied to future travel

Explorer C

I cancelled my flight for next month and I now I have $380 in travel funds in my account. Next I booked my new $425 travel plans in the fall 6 month from now. I tried to use ALL my travel funds for the trip and it only applied $200 of it and showed that I had a $180 balance left in my travel funds. NOW it wants me to pay the remaining with a credit card and the system wants to STORE my $180 balance for some odd reason. What is going on here? Why can't I use MY ENTIRE travel funds balance for my future trip?


Re: Not all Travel Funds Applied to future travel

Aviator A

Is the $380 in one fund or multiple funds?


If in multiple funds, the system only lets you use two at a time plus a credit card- unless three funds covers the entire cost, then you can use three..


If that's the case, use the multiple funds to buy a ticket to anywhere which converts the dollars into one fund. Cancel that ticket. and use the subsequent fund to make your purchase.


If in one fund, I don't have an explanation, so I'd contact customer service

Re: Not all Travel Funds Applied to future travel

Aviator A

A few things to check:


The new trip you are attempting to book must be completed before the expiration of the travel funds you are attempting to use. 


The names of the passengers on the new reservation must match the names of the passengers associated with the travel funds. 


There is a limit of 3 payment methods so if the entire trip is not covered by 3 travel funds you will only be able to use 2 and then a credit card. You can get around this by combining travel funds (book a flight with two funds, then cancel it to create a new combined fund on a new confirmation number) or book the trip as several one way flights which can be paid for with fewer travel funds.


Check those things and reply back if you have further questions. 



Re: Not all Travel Funds Applied to future travel

Aviator A

We're multiple people on the initial reservation? If so part of the travel funds would be valid for that passenger. 

Re: Not all Travel Funds Applied to future travel

Aviator A

Let us know which of these solves the issue or if you still have questions. 



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