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Not sure what to do at this point

Explorer C

So I had a trip planned next week from Buffalo to Fort Lauderdale. A few days ago I cancelled because of COVID-19 of course. They gave me a credit toward my next flight since I booked the flight in January and couldn’t get a refund. I have no idea when a good time to consider rebooking is because I dont know when it will be safe to travel again... but Id like to book as soon as its safe to. Anyways, I was just playing around with some dates on the site for 4-5 months ahead to see what the fares are, and they are considerably more than what I paid before, plus nonstop flights are gone. This means id still have to pay a few hundred to rebook even with my credit applied. I know prices may lower, but if they dont, Im at a point where im considering booking with a cheaper airline and just saving the credit for another trip. Im already in enough of a bind with everything else being cancelled so seeing how much more id have to pay to rebook is disappointing. I guess my question is any of you think the fares will go down or if I should just try a different airline... ive seen flights for $175 on other websites... not nonstop, but still less.


Re: Not sure what to do at this point

Explorer C

Well yesterday Trump said he has the airlines backs ($$$$) We'll see if they have OUR backs and refund all ,  because of this Coronavirus!!

Re: Not sure what to do at this point

Aviator A

IMO, you're probably OK for trips 4-5 months out.


But why book now? Wait til there is some clarity about the course of the virus. Airlines have cut fares to the bone for flights the next two months out because people are not buying tickets. If that remains the case for flights 4-5 months out, I would expect those ticket prices will drop too.