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On hold for 5 1/2 hours - still need help

New Arrival

My flight home was cancelled last night right when I got to the airport. All day it said it was on time. I got no email or communication from southwest saying it was cancelled. The only options given to me by southwest (once I waited in line for almost an hour at the airport) were fly home from the airport I was at 4 days later, rent a car and fly home from another airport 2 days later or rent a car and drive 20 hours home. None of these were viable options. I ended up finding a flight on a different airline (spent a ton of money) but thankfully made it home. I’ve been waiting on hold for almost 6 hours now with no answer. I need to be reimbursed for my cancelled flight and the money spent to get home. 


Re: On hold for 5 1/2 hours - still need help

Top Contributor

If your flight was cancelled and you did not reschedule you can get a refund back to your original form of payment.  Instead of waiting on hold to request the refund go to the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.  That also establishes a paper trail of your request.  You will not receive reimbursement for other expenses, but may receive a travel voucher for future travel.