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Package done via southwest vacation

Explorer C

I did a booking on southwest vacation for air + car+hoel package.


Prior to making a booking I did confirm with the agent even if I don't have travel protection since the hotel I chose has 1 day cancellation policy will I refund for the hotel portion. The agency told me yes.


They told me only for air it will be southwest credit and everything else would be a refund. 


today when I called to cancel they said refund it will be full credit. 

I am really upset about this. the lady told me she has no power to do anything and then I asked to fwd call to someone who has the power she said she will and then put me on hold for over an hour. I  am very upset with their service


Re: Package done via southwest vacation

Aviator A

Any refund for airfare should be in the form of a Southwest travel voucher.  Since Southwest Vacations is a completely separate company, unrelated to Southwest Airlines, they have their own policies and procedures as to how to handle refunds for other expenses such as hotels and cars.  You would need to speak with Southwest Vacations to arrange those refunds.

How do I contact Southwest Vacations®?