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Package done via southwest vacation??

Explorer C

I did a booking on southwest vacation for air + car+hoel package.


Prior to making a booking I did confirm with the agent even if I don't have travel protection since the hotel I chose has 1 day cancellation policy will I refund for the hotel portion. The agency told me yes.


They told me only for air it will be southwest credit and everything else would be a refund. 


today when I called to cancel they said refund it will be full credit. 

I am really upset about this. the lady told me she has no power to do anything and then I asked to fwd call to someone who has the power she said she will and then put me on hold for over an hour. I  am very upset with their service


Re: Package done via southwest vacation??

Aviator A

I believe your agent was misinformed; if you cancel a Southwest Vacation, your airfare is treated as a Travel Rewards credit and the rest of your vacation is a travel credit that can be used on a future Southwest Vacations booking.


From the Terms & Conditions found here


If you decline Travel Protection and cancel your booking, any refund due for the land/ feature portion of your booking (after applicable penalties) will be in the form of a travel credit from Southwest Vacations. If booked with Wanna Get Away fare and you cancelled your flight at least 10 minutes prior to travel, the air portion of your booking will be refunded in a Southwest Airlines air credit, which may be used on a future Southwest Vacation. Anytime and Business Select fares are refundable back to the original form of payment or choose to convert the air credit.  Contracted group bookings will be refunded in the original form of payment. If you purchased Travel Protection and are eligible for a partial or full refund in original form of payment, the land portion of the refund due will automatically become a travel credit if not requested at 60 days from the date of cancellation. Travel credits are valid for 12 months from date of issue and must be used for travel prior to expiration date, are nontransferable and nonrefundable, have no cash value, and are issued in the name of the passengers on the original reservation. Standard change and cancellation policies apply to bookings made with travel credits. Travel credits will be held on the original booking.



Re: Package done via southwest vacation??

Explorer C

Hey there just wondering to know, What if he/her had booked his vacation through another (3rd party) agent?


Will he still get a refund?

Farnandez gb whatsapp

Re: Package done via southwest vacation??

Explorer C

I think Yes, the customer will still get a refund if they booked their vacation through a third-party agent. The refund policy will be the same as if they had booked directly with Southwest Vacations. gb whatsapp pro

Re: Package done via southwest vacation??

Aviator C

@MiltonConnor I'm always curious why people join a discussion forum after the fact?  Don't get jumpy, I did the same thing.  Had you been a part of this discussion board you would have had access to, dare I say, hundreds of folks displeased with the SWA vacation partner.  Just know, it's the partner, not SWA, that controls refunding or not.  (I'm mostly going by what I have read, I will never use the service)  Best to go with another company in the future, and still curious about how many dissatisfied customers that SWA still uses this company.  

Re: Package done via southwest vacation??

Explorer C

Same thing happened to me.  I've spent over 20 hours on the phone, sending emails, online chatting to no avail.  Customer service is not only severely  incompetent but also dishonest.  They employ all sorts of obfuscation tactics hoping you will just give up- long hold times, hang ups, form letter responses that don't address your questions/concerns, unfilled promises to call you back, agent that "can't find your reservation", directing customers to phone numbers that are invalid.  I've been documenting this whole fiasco as I am preparing to file a lawsuit.