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Re: Phone #?

Top Contributor

I'm so glad I noticed this when comparing my booked fares. I just saved 9,000+ points canceling & rebooking 2 flight legs.


Note: I'm unable to verify if cancel / rebook is necessary for cash fares as I have no cash fares booked at the current time.

Re: Phone #?

New Arrival

Did you get the 50% discount using the SAVE50 code?  I used the code (using both cash and points), but the fare/points reverted back to full price (slashed amount, not discounted) before purchasing.   I tried on both my and my husbands Southwest accounts and on two different computers, but not one time did I actually receive the 50% off.  It was the exact same as booking without the SAVE50 code.  It's frustrating.  I've e-mailed Southwest.