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Please beaware do NOT book with southwest

Explorer C

Please be aware before you ever book with southwest. I booked a vacation package with a flight and hotel. There was an issue with the hotel booking and so I did not stay at that hotel 2 out of the 3 nights I had booked. I callled southwest and they told me to first check out of the hotel and then call them back for my refund. So I checked out of the hotel, as I was told which was an absolute waste. I called them back and the next agent said they won’t give me a refund and can try to give me credits and that they would discuss it with the hotel and get back to me. Nobody got back to me. Finally a week later I contacted them and they said I will not receive credit nor a refund “after speaking to the hotel”. After my response of disappointment and then changing their story, I received another email saying the hotel has approved to refund me one night. And was promised $270 back to my credit card (which is still 30$ less than what I paid per night for the hotel, but accepted anyways).  A week later I received an email saying my refund of $120 had been processed. I contacted them again multiple times via email inquiring why I wasn’t getting the amount I paid and was promised, no response for weeks. Finally, I called them and they told me my case was closed and therefore nobody got back to me. The agent then had me on hold for one hour and comes back to say “it was a mistake. The agent should have never told you $270. We can only give what  the hotel gives back”. After creating a fuss and despite seeing the previous agents email stating I will get my $270 back, he then said, since it was promised to me, they will “investigate” and get back to me in a few days. They denied me my receipt to show how much I paid for the hotel. They denied my right to my own payment from my credit card. It’s been 10 days and I’ve emailed them numerous times since I hadn’t heard from them since, and no response. I spoke to the hotel since then and the hotel stated that they do not approve the amount southwest gives back to me, it’s generally Whatever  I paid southwest. Meanwhile southwest lied to me and said they can only give back to me what the hotel gives back to them ? The hotel was $300 a night yet southwest is only giving me $120 after promising me $270. This company has no moral compass and ethically is disappointing.they will ghost you, they won’t get back to you once they have your money and if you try to call them they will tell you again and again they will investigate and get back to you and you will never hear from them again or get your money back. PLEASE save your money, do NOT go with this Fraud of a company. They denied me to talk to any supervisor or manager when I called them. No moral compass no ethics. 


Re: Please beaware do NOT book with southwest

Aviator A

@MoLal wrote: 


Seems  you booked a flight with hotel with Southwest VACATIONS and not Southwest AIRLINES.


They ARE NOT the same company, so don't blame the airline for the shortcomings of the VACATION group.


Southwest VACATIONS is also know as Apple Leisure Group, and it has an absolutely terrible reputation. I'm sure there are thousands of people who agree that one should not book anything with Southwest VACATIONS.

Re: Please beaware do NOT book with southwest

Aviator A

It would be nice if you would edit your subject to reflect the real problem here, Southwest Vacations, NOT Southwest Airlines.  As explained, they are not the same company and your finger pointing is inaccurate.





Re: Please beaware do NOT book with southwest

Adventurer B

Agree 100% with Middle seat...


Re: Please beaware do NOT book with southwest

Aviator A

Paragraph breaks are your friend, but that aside, there's not enough info here to know what actually happened and if you were actually due a refund. Your hotel stay was for 3 nights - but you only stayed for 1 of the 3 nights and expected a refund?


If that's what you were expecting, that's not how it works. This isn't a Southwest Vacations problem. 


The Southwest Vacations Terms & Conditions states the following: 


All changes and cancellations are subject to availability, limitations, restrictions, and fees imposed by Southwest Vacations and hotel and feature/excursion suppliers. Once travel has begun, there will be no refunds for any unused or partially used non-air travel component for any reason.



Re: Please beaware do NOT book with southwest

Frequent Flyer B

weather is huge issue. early  am flights better, plane at gate and weather better

Re: Please beaware do NOT book with southwest

Aviator C

I had a bad experience booking with Southwest Vacations and ended up getting about $450 back as compensation.


Make no mistake, this company is not Southwest but I wrote to Southwest's CEO several times and finally got results.


Never will I book with them again, even if they pay me for the vacation.  You can do better booking things on your own.