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Problem-Changing flights tied to co-mingled funds

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My Disney trip was supposed to be 3/27, obviously that’s not happening.  Wanted to change my flight but because I used $120 travel funds toward my $1300 flights for my family, I can’t move my trip out past 9/16.  I scheduled these flights in February! My travel funds had a 9/16 expiration date.  Has Southwest heard of the issues shutting down the whole country?? Are they really going to make it difficult for their customers who use them for every trip year after year?  If so, I will never issue Southwest again.  If this is the face Southwest wants to show, congratulations.  I just want to be able to rebook my Disney trip with my 4 year old son, this year.  Watch the news Southwest. Trying using some compassion.


Re: Problem-Changing flights tied to co-mingled funds

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Most of us here are customers like us so you may want to send the feedback directly to Southwest:

Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: Problem-Changing flights tied to co-mingled funds

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As has been mentioned in many similar posts, this is the same response you would have received from any other domestic airline. No cash refunds on non-refundable tickets, credit in the form of travel funds good for one year after original purchase date. I do suggest waiting until the day of departure to cancel, if something changes such as policy change or Southwest cancels the flight you may be able to receive an extension or cash refund, it's doubtful, but possible.