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Question about the Logistics of Transferring Flight Credits

Explorer C

Let's say I have two $100 flight credits in my name and at least one of them is from a cancelled Want to Get Away Plus booking. I now want to book a pair of $150 tickets for a friend and I using these credits and paying the difference by credit card. Am I going to run into any surprises/gotchas that I'm missing?

It sounds like step 1 is to transfer one of the credits from my rapid rewards account to theirs. Will they need to do anything to 'accept' the credit or will the reference number on it change in any way (other than now being tied to their name instead of mine)?

Ideally, as soon as I've submitted the transfer I'd want to immediately book both of our tickets from within my login on a single reservation. Will anything get in the way or complicate matters or should it be as simple as manually entering the confirmation number (from the flight credit I transferred to the friend) and then the system will recognize that they're part of my booking and allow it to be applied to their ticket?


Re: Question about the Logistics of Transferring Flight Credits

Aviator A

Based on the wording in the FAQ on you simply provide the name and Rapid Rewards number of the person you are transferring to and then the credit appears in their account, no other action is required. The rest of your plan seems reasonable. Let us know how it goes.