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Re: Questions about using and cancelling flights booked with travel funds

Aviator A

@drclaw411 wrote:

Hi, I booked a flight to Seattle (Wanna Get Away) with a payment combination of using a card, and using two separate travel funds. Immediately after I booked, the cost of the return flight went down $100+. So here's my question: generally, Wanna Get Away reservations get refunded in the form of travel funds when cancelling a flight. But since I booked with combination travel funds and cash, will I lose either if I cancel? Will I lose the travel funds? The cash? Will I keep them all, but have them refunded as three separate travel funds or will they all refund together in one lump travel fund?

Also: if I cancel this flight, will it go back to being the higher cost or will it remain at this new cost? Finally, if it *does* remain at the lower cost, and if everything is refunded together as one travel fund, that will be more than the new cost of the flight. If I use that, will I lose all the travel funds or only what's necessary to pay for the flight?

Just to clarify - if you "change" the flight to any other flight or even the same one you already have, the pricing will be trued up to the current advertised price. 


If the flight costs more then you'd have to pay the different, if the flight costs less you get travel credit back. 


All your credit and cash went into the ticketing system - for a WGA ticket the only thing that comes back is new flight credits, combining the ones you paid for the flight.


I'm curious when you say "immediately" that it went down $100 like while you were still sitting at the computer, or do you mean the next day or that week?


I would review what you paid, it's unlikely that any WGA fare would drop $100 like that.


The only other thing I can think of is if you were buying multiple tickets - in that case if you have "1 left" at a certain price and you go to buy two tickets, both will be at the next pricing tier and the single ticket may still remain at the old price.


Don't give away any identifying information but if you want to dig into this further you might need to point us to the flight so we can see the current price or take a screenshot or something. Snip out anything that identifies you personally.






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