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Rebooked/cancelled flight

Explorer C

Southwest cancelled our 11am flight at 3am and automatically rebooked us for a day later. We called customer service and asked for a flight to a nearby airport that leaves the same day but a few hours later, and they are unable to help us with the extra cost for this new airport. Have others had leverage with recouping these additional costs since the cancellation was their fault?  Who do we need to speak with to get a reimbursement for these fees?


Re: Rebooked/cancelled flight

Aviator A

Sorry to hear that.


You can each out to customer relations


When Southwest cancels and then rebooks, it books on the next available flight.

It seems the first available flight in your case was the next day.

Re: Rebooked/cancelled flight

Explorer C

There seems to have been a policy change. I have 3 pending flights that have ALL been cancelled and rebooked. It seems they rebook on the next half empty available flight, not the next available flight. I think they are hoping people on an expense account will just allow them to get away with theft. I have spent hours and hours trying to get the worst of my rebookings fixed. The email I received said rebooking would be free online or on the app, but both want to charge me the difference between the original ticket cost and the current one (prices always go way up closer to the flight times). Last night I waited on hold 37 seconds shy of 8 hours before they disconnected me without taking my call. What do I need to do to get hold of a person to fix this? There are no great alternatives, but there are 3 flights that would work for me. Their choice would not - it is too late.