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Refund Refused

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I have been a faithful customer of Southwest for many years, even though I am a retiree at another major airline.  I purchased a ticket from Atlanta to Los Angeles last year to visit a friend.  I had to cancel when my terminally ill cousin passed away.  I was told my ticket was good for a year from travel date which was 10/12/19.  Well I called the other day and was told no, it's from the purchase date which was 9/18/19.   I was further advised that due the refunds or conversion to points expired 9/7/20.  So since I was 11 days late they are going to take $100 of my $153.97 that I paid for this ticket.  I have had some major health issue since 4/29/20 and been back and forth to doctors while still trying to work two jobs, so this ticket refund was not a top priority.   I called as soon as I was able and now this is the response I got.


I am very upset with this and will tell all of my friends about this experience so that they will think long and hard about purchasing another SW ticket!


Re: Refund Refused

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It sounds like you have had a lot going on, and I am sorry to hear about your troubles. 

Generally speaking (except for certain dates due to COVID), travel funds expire one year from the date of purchase. This is standard Southwest published policy, and of course it’s a rather generous policy compared to other airlines. 

I can only suggest two things: 1) try again by reaching out to customer relations at 855-234-4654. You’d be asking for an exception, but all you can do is ask. Or 2) convert to a voucher less the $100. At least you wouldn’t lose it all. 

Good luck, and stay healthy. 

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Re: Refund Refused

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Sorry to hear of your troubles.


Every airline, including the one you retired from, treat this situation the same way: if a ticket is cancelled, the resultant travel funds expire one year from the purchase date of the original ticket. That fact is not hidden. It is in writing on the website..


The company allowed anyone with travel funds to extend them to 9/7/22. That was more lucrative than every other airline in America. That extension was in place for at least three months, and expired on 9/7/20. It appears you dd not hear about it.


At this point, the best you can do is as Elijah suggested above.