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Refund instead of Credit

Aviator C

Totally agree.  Many of my replies are like my XMAS wish list.  I put them out there and still don't see many of them under the tree.  

Re: Refund instead of Credit

Explorer C

I agree.  I am 75 and just had to cancel my reservation to see my family in Chicago over the Christmas holiday.  SW will offer no refund and I am fine with that.  However, they will not allow me to use the funds for members of my family to fly to see me or convert the funds to Rapid Reward points AND I personally must fly before May 31, 2021 to be able to use my funds.  In other words, being in the worst age group for Covid complications and death, SW wants me to fly somewhere in the midst of a pandemic.  Where's the love there? 

Re: Refund instead of Credit

Aviator A

@Floridagal45 wrote:


Sorry to hear of your issue.


Southwest is simply doing what it said it would do (and you agreed to) when you bought a non refundable ticket.


Who knows what the virus situation will be by 5/31/21. It may have improved enough for you to take a flight.


If not, you do have some recourse. SW has an unofficial policy that lets travelers with expired travel funds turn those funds into vouchers. This can only be done after a travel fund expires. It must be done within 6 months of the expiration date. The resultant voucher can be used by anyone but expires in 6 months. Cost (subject to change) is $100.


Hope that helps.