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Refund of Travel Funds due to COVID-19

Explorer C

Here is a complaint that I sent to Southwest in reference to requesting a refund of travel funds which were created on changes to a flight that was eventually cancelled by Southwest.  I am asking that if anyone else is experiencing this same problem that you file a complaint through their contact form.  I feel that if enough of their customers complain about this issue they will do the right thing an revise their policy during this unprecedented time.


I requested through Customer Relations a refund on travel funds that were issued on a round trip flight of which both legs have been cancelled by Southwest. The Customer Relations person was very nice but informed me that they are not required to refund any travel funds that were created because we cancelled and rebooked the same flight.

I am once again requesting a refund of all travel funds on the above confirmation number.


"We don't take our commitments lightly. We are dedicated to doing the right thing …….."     CEO Gary Kelly


As a result of the health and safety issues occurring in the U.S. today Southwest started lowering their fees in order to entice the pubic to book and fly with them.

As a result of the lower fees many existing loyal customers felt they also deserved the lower fees and in order to get the lower fee Southwest required that they cancel their original flight and rebook the same flight under the new rate. The difference in the fees was issued as a travel fund. Now that the original flight and rebooked flight, which is actually the same flight, has been cancelled by Southwest they send you notification that your flight has been cancelled and they change your flight number and times of travel without telling you that they actually should offer you a refund. I believe this is actually a deliberate deception by Southwest


Now that Southwest has cancelled both of our flights they will not refund the travel funds from the changes made to the original flight using the excuse that we cancelled those flights so therefore a refund is not required. Of course this is Southwest's way of getting around having to refund all of the funds when in actuality they know this is a way of taking advantage of their customers. Yes they extended the time a few months to use these funds, but that doesn't mean everyone has the flexibility of using them before expiring. Most people are out of work at this time and when they do get back their lives and financial situations have changed to the extent they may not be able to take time off or afford to travel.


I suggest Southwest look at their commitment long and hard and do the right thing by their customers and refund the travel funds that were issued on flights that were later cancelled by Southwest. Let's face it, in reality it is the same flight in all aspects. It is only because Southwest has made the loop hole to take advantage of their customers that it is not being refunded.


Re: Refund of Travel Funds due to COVID-19

Aviator A

Sorry but the airline is doing exactly what it told you it would do in it's contract of carriage - which you agreed to when you bought your ticket.


If you cancel a flight, you et travel credits.


If the airline cancels a flight you can ask for a refund.


The first of the above that happens governs whether you get a travel fund or refund.