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Refund to Travel Funds

Explorer C

I made reservations in June/2020 for a July/2020 flight Due to the pandemic I cancelled the Flight on 7/12/2020.  received the refund to "Travel Funds". I have not been able to re book a flight using my flight confirmation. It's like it no longer exists. I have try to call several times to customer service, but have never been able to speak with a real person, I do not have the time to wait on hold for 40 minutes or 80 minutes!!!! Seriously... No one should have to wait on hold that long. Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks for the help!!!



Re: Refund to Travel Funds

Adventurer C

Honestly I would just eat the cost and move on. SouthWORST just doesn't care about their customers. They point blame elsewhere and ask you to call and wait an hr plus on their customer service line. Its a joke. Noone should have to deal with this nonsense. You'd think SouthWORST would try to contact you and fix the problem yet even though they were at fault its on you to deal with it. Their customer service center is another understaffed department that their wonderful operations team has FAILED on.

Re: Refund to Travel Funds

Aviator A

Remove your travel fund # from your post - people could steal it and try to use it. 


Do you see your travel fund when you log into your account? On a laptop, it's under "Payment" and on the app there's a section called "My Travel Funds". If you see it, you should be able to use it. 


Your funds also should have an expiration of September 2022. Do they? If for some reason it didn't extend and your travel fund was only good for one year, it would have expired in June 2021, a year from when you made your reservation. That could be why it "doesn't exist", but again, your funds should have extended to September 2022 when you cancelled your flight in July. 



Re: Refund to Travel Funds

Aviator A

Normally travel funds expire 1 year after the date you made the original purchase.  If you purchased the original flight in June 2020 the associated travel funds would have typically expired in June 2021.  Due to the pandemic, if you cancelled your flight between March 2020 and September 7, 2020, the resulting travel funds should have an expiration date of September 7, 2022.


You can check the value and expiration of travel funds here:


The name of the passenger must match the name of the passenger from the original flight, this includes a middle name if one was used originally.  This is the most common reason people have difficulty applying a travel fund.  If you still can't locate your travel funds you can Contact Customer Relations , but we warned they are very busy right now.