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Re: Refunds due to pandemic

Explorer B

If you look at the earlier thread. That’s exactly what he was asking me

Re: Refunds due to pandemic

Aviator C

If you honestly think this will be going on in two years, and you won't be willing to fly, I don't think having a few more $$ in your pocket will matter much at all.


Go buy bullets. 

Re: Refunds due to pandemic

Explorer B

I have a background in infectious diseases and if you don’t think this will be going on in two years you’re delusional.  It absolutely will and if you want to risk you’re health you’re certainly entitled to do so and keep funneling money to Southwest   Those of us who take this seriously though should be entitled to a refund 

Re: Refunds due to pandemic

Frequent Flyer B

Per nontoohappy:  "...entitled to a refund" 


Entitled?  No.  You are not entitled to a refund.  You do not have a legal right or just claim to receive a refund per SWA's Contract of Carriage.

  • You did not purchase a refundable fare.
  • You cancelled your reservation.

I don't understand what is "incomprehensible" (your word) about this.


I get tired of hearing from uninformed folks about all of the reasons why they feel they deserve refunds:

  • "I broke my leg.  I can't fly now."
  • "My (dad, son, girlfriend) was just diagnosed with some terrible disease.  I can't fly now."
  • "A hurricane just hit my city and destroyed my house.  I can't fly now."
  • "We're in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic.  I can't fly now."

All are legitimate reasons why you might want to cancel your trip.  But you need to understand, no one ever plans for any of those reasons.  Yet, when they happen, people want a refund.  You had the choice to purchase a refundable fare.  You chose the lower nonrefundable fare, as the majority of people do.  You gambled.  You lost.  It's not the airline's fault.  It's just tough luck.  SWA can't refund everyone out of the goodness of their hearts. SWA is a wonderful airline and is trying to financially survive.  We should all want them to survive.  Otherwise, those low fares that you might need someday won't be there. 


SWA is offering you a credit for future use of your funds.  If you really don't think you'll fly by June 2022, then donate your points to the American Red Cross or one of the other charitable organizations that SWA supports: (

That might make you feel better.

Re: Refunds due to pandemic

Aviator A

Passengers whine about not getting a refund. The reality is there is give and take between passenger and airine at the point of purchase


Passengers want a cheap fare and in return for   the airlne letting them have them, the passengers accept the risk that something will head south and the ticket won't be used.

Southwest lets passengers use he full value of the flight for another purchase. Unti the virus hit, all other airlines said "sure you can use your funds, but give me $200 (or more) first.


The airline agrees to accept all risk that something will head south when a passenger buys a refundable fare that he/she won't be able to use. In return, the airline charges a higher fare becasue it has agreed to assume all risk that a seat will go out empty.


Everyone should understand that nonrefundble actually means norefundable. Nowhere is there a statement like "Nonrefundable except _______*"


*insert reason here

Re: Refunds due to pandemic

Explorer B

Surviving off the backs of hard working taxpayers by accepting bail outs when unforeseen circumstances hit but we the passengers have no such option. I do not concur that Southwest is a wonderful airline and frankly have no problem with them failing that’s besides the point though. You are correct I gambled I lost and by letter of the contract I am bound to lose.  But there are times for the sake of affected travelers you bend those rules.  Unlike. It’s cases when one cancels a flight it is because of a personal situation why you can’t fly.  Not a country wide even world wide issue that affects many many travelers.not just me. In reality non essential travel has been strongly suggested to be forgone not just for me but for all.  By that suggestion the flight should be cancelled completely but Southwest won’t do that because they’d have to fork over the money they already spent.   I know I haven’t got a prayer in getting a refund and they can stuff their credit for a future flight.  I do like your suggestion of donating the points which is what I likely will do