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Rescheduling Flights

New Arrival

Due to all the uncertainty can someone tell me how many times I can reschedule my flight? I have a flight booked but may need to change it several times. Is this allowed if I’m staying within my credit amount and is before the expiration date?


Re: Rescheduling Flights

Rising Star

You can change your reservation unlimited number of times up until the expiration date. You would just need to pay any fare difference if there is one. 




Re: Rescheduling Flights

Top Contributor

You are allowed an unlimited number of changes.


Reminder: do not cancel your flight. If Southwest cancels your flight, you are entitled to a refund of the full fare and any EBCI payment.


You may have to contact the airline and demand a refund.


PS, you might want to check the current fare for any future flights. If lower,    you can cancel and book  as opposed to rescheduling and get a travel fund for the difference  - Alhtough you would lose any EBCI fees paid.