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Reservation refund

Explorer C

Dear Southwest Airlines,


I am writing this to make a request for transfer of travel funds that could not be made recently.

We, a family of 4, had initially made flight reservations to travel two ways from RDU to Oak  for December of 2019. Due to personal health reasons we could not make that trip and hence cancelled the reservation and had made plans to use it this year.
Accordingly, we booked another reservation with Southwest from RDU – Vegas and back for the April of 2020, which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. But there was a small discrepancy in the flight price and we still had a little over 400$ left from our first cancellation.

What I understand is that, although the credit from our cancellation for April had be reused for another year or so, due to the pandemic, unfortunately, we will loose the 400$ difference that we still could not use from the flight from Dec 2019, as explained by the southwest rep.

I am writing this email to make a humble request, to please transfer all of our cancellation costs to our credit and we would like to use all of it hopefully soon in the next year.

Please let me know if there are any other details you would want me to provide with to help us through this issue.

I honestly understand the concerns airlines face, especially during the pandemic; but crediting us with our cancellation will also be used for more travels with southwest.

Waiting for a positive response from southwest airlines.

Thanking you

Anusha and Sudhir (travelers on the reservations above).


Re: Reservation refund

Aviator A

1) Please edit your post to remove the confirmation numbers. With those numbers some nefarious person could try to use your funds.


2) Since this is a customer to customer forum, your request will NOT be resolved here.


I'd suggest that you contact SW customer relations. Here's how:

Re: Reservation refund

Frequent Flyer A

Hello, @anushagop you may have noticed I edited the personal information out of your post per our Community guidelines. The Community is a peer-to-peer support forum, so we are not equipped to assist you there. We recommend you reach out to Customer Relations regarding your issue at 1-855-234-4654 for assistance. 


Thank you, 



Community Manager