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Return Flight Restored

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I missed my flight home from college for the Valentine's Day long weekend, and I need to get back to school on Monday but the return flight was cancelled. I need to restore the return flight.


I have tried calling customer service, but the "service attendant" told me I have to call customer service, yet that is the phone number I just called. Monday is a holiday. If I cannot talk to customer service until after I need to be in class, how do I contact someone in customer service who can help.



Re: Return Flight Restored

Top Contributor

Sounds like you were affected by the no show policy which is where southwest will cancel the remaining part of a reservation when you don't take the outbound flight and they keep the funds from wanna get away tickets. They advise you to cancel your outbound flight up to 10min before departure to avoid this policy affecting your reservation. 


You could try reaching out to southwest on Twitter or Facebook in a DM and they might be able to help but I know they are strict on this policy. 



Re: Return Flight Restored

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If you did no-show for your outgoing flight, then your best bet is to go online and book yourself a new return flight. 


As mentioned above, if you fail to show for a flight and do not cancel the itinerary at least 10 minutes prior to departure, the entire itinerary is cancelled and all funds forfeited. This includes the return portion of the itinerary.