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Return flight changed to a different city!

Explorer C

Why would southwest change my return flight to STL from FLL to TPA? It wouldn’t be so bad if I could change it back to FLL online, on the app or over the phone! I get error messages online & on the app, & apparently their phone lines are so busy, I cannot get a human being to pick up OR call me back! Am I the only person with this type of problem?


Re: Return flight changed to a different city!

Aviator A

You are not alone. SW's rebooking program   seems to be going  bit crazy.


Try using twitter, facebook or e-mail to contact the airline.


See "contact us" below

Re: Return flight changed to a different city!

Explorer C

Social media seems to be the best way to get a response from them. I've been seeing complaints about the phone lines a lot! It seems to be a huge problem right now. People that post on twitter are getting responses and help quickly. 

A lot of people are also having issues with all of these flight changes...

Re: Return flight changed to a different city!

Explorer C

My flights were changed too!

Southwest changed my original flight from Hartford to Denver to another route. First flight is changed to from Hartford to Orlando, then from Orlando to Denver. Quite crazy is: the flight from Orlando to Denver will arrive at 6PM, but it assigned me to connect another flight from Denver to SNA (my destination) which leave at 3PM.

Southwest doesn't allow me to make a change at Southwest site. It asks me to call their customer service. I called and am waiting for over 3.5 hours but still no humanbeing answers the call :(.

I haven't expected the service is so bad at Southwest!!