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Return from Mexico

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We are in Mexico, with reservations to return to Denver from Cancun on Saturday, March 21. My wife is lobbying me to try to return early. We are both over 70 and in good health. I don’t see the rush to return to Colorado, where the Corona virus problem is much worse and we would be (probably) confined to our home with little to do—certainly much less than here where we can go to the market (with fully stocked shelves) and restaurants. 


What saith the SW Community?


P.S. Does Southwest monitor (and ever respond to concerns posted here?


Re: Return from Mexico

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If it were me I would much rather be isolating myself or at least social distancing myself in Mexico than be here in Colorado. Waiting until flights will be even less crowded than they are today and airports have fewer people won't hurt either. As you say, why rush to return to a situation that's only getting worse here in Colorado. 


The one catch would be if for some reason Southwest is either ordered to halt flights or chooses to pause some service, then you would need to return asap. Just check email/news occasionally and you should be ok. 


Southwest employees do occasionally pop in to moderate, but don't generally offer opinions on something like this. Good luck, try to enjoy the warmer weather. 





Re: Return from Mexico

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Thank you for your helpful response to my question. 

Re: Return from Mexico

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@blakelyb for awareness Southwest is halting international flights, their last flights to and from Cancun are on Sunday so don't miss your Saturday flight!!!


Detail from Southwest is here and here.

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Re: Return from Mexico

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Thank you for words to the wise: we are checked in for Saturday departure.