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Re: SAVE50 promo

Rising Star

@dfwskier wrote:

Flight prices for the time period are much higher than for late August (at least for the routes I looked at). Southwest will reduce those prices at some point because it will sell no tickets at that level. My guess is  it will reduce prices to the late August level or maybe even lower. Why? Very few people fly  during that time. It's a dead season.


For example, the best DAL / MDW price for late August is $79. The lowest price for the same flight starting mid September  - using the discount code - is $80


Of course you can book, and if the price drops. you can change your flight, and pocket a travel fund.


I will wait until my expected price drop for the time period happens.

@dfwskier are you sure about that? When is this expected "price drop" supposed to happen? 


I typically go to Vegas around Halloween, which is right in line with the sale. Flight prices in Oct were always somewhat reasonable/normal (if you consider $200 one way normal which I do these days) - Oct 29 had a sale price of $136, so I grabbed that before the sale ended. Now that flight is $218, and that's the cheap one. The rest are $300-$400. Going home on Nov 1, the cheapest flight is now $361. Should have booked it when it was on sale at/around $200-ish, but I hesitated ... Nov 2 some are in the $200-$250 range, so I'll probably get one of those before they go up more. I don't anticipate them going down, but hey, maybe they will lol. 


I also debated going to Florida (FLL) for a day and then heading out to Vegas on 10/30 ... those flights with the sale were around $100 and going to Vegas was *under* $100, one option was just $75 ... then they went up the last day of the sale and now those flights are hundreds more. 


Shouldn't have hesitated. Oh well lol. If the flights do go down I can always book them later. 



Re: SAVE50 promo

Rising Star

No.   You can always cancel and rebook.


I see WGA prices similar to regular sales,  code not necessary to get the promo price. 


What's unusual is the sale price extends to Anytime and BS fares.   Good if you need refundablility.