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STOP flying SW - they rob customers!!

Explorer C

SW happily took $1,500 from me for 4 tickets in 2019. Then COVID hit and for obvious reasons we cancelled our trip to Disney. During the past 2 years my family was unable to fly, again for obvious health reasons. SW had ZERO empathy, ZERO understanding, and won’t refund a penny. This is criminal!!!! 

WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS? Does anyone have suggestions on how I can get my money back? I’m willing to take a voucher for a future flight. 


Re: STOP flying SW - they rob customers!!

Aviator A

Have you bothered to look up the travel funds to verify they are actually expired and gone?  Most travel funds were eligible for an extension and Southwest also offered the ability to reinstate expired travel funds as vouchers.  Some of this would have taken a few clicks on your part so you have some responsibility in the process.  If the funds are expired, when did they expire?  That would determine your ability to reinstate.


You are certainly able to scream and yell as you have done, but I would suggest being a bit more informed and asking some questions first.



Re: STOP flying SW - they rob customers!!

Frequent Flyer A

As noted in another reply you should definitely check on the status of the travel funds associated with your reservation. The expiration on travel funds was extended multiple times during the pandemic. 

That being said, if you purchased non-refundable tickets in 2019 or ever purchased any item identified as nonrefundable at the time of purchase, why would you expect a refund? Southwest clearly identifies Refundable versus Nonrefundable ticket classifications prior to purchase.

How does not refunding a non-refundable ticket translate in to robbery?


Best of luck and I wish you safe travels