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SW Response to frustration over changing flight reservations

Explorer C

SW has informed me via email, that despite them changing 80-85% of my

flight reservations in the last year, that it is RARE.


I'm pretty sure they don't give a flip.  I mean, to say something that just

antagonizes an already frustrated customer even more, that's pretty rare.....

but not for SW, it's policy.


Re: SW Response to frustration over changing flight reservations

Aviator A

Before covid and the MAX grounding in 2019 I RARELY had a schedule change on Southwest. Because of covid yes there have been a lot of changes to deal with demand because flying empty planes cost money and yes the changes can be annoying. This new schedule being released is actually adding more flights so be sure you check to see if a better flight exists for your route and change to it for free while you can. If you were moved to a flight with a connection you can see if a different non stop would work in your schedule or another connection that you would prefer more. This can usually be changed on the app or website with no call to Southwest necessary.


My hope is that we are getting to the end of the mass changes and hopefully by the start of 2022 we will be back to normal with actual rare flight changes like it was prior to the max grounding. So just hang in there just a little bit longer we will get through it. 

Re: SW Response to frustration over changing flight reservations

Explorer C

I'm laughing, sort of, because I booked (and paid for) 9 flights in the last two months. All have been changed at least once. One flight was a non stop, and the flight number was  the only change. My nephew was moved to a flight with two layovers that took about 8 or 9 hours instead of 5. I couldn't change the flight online and had to be on hold for 2 hours and 15 minutes to change it.


My sister and I tried to meet in Nashville for a weekend last October.. A total of four flights were changed 11 times, until we finally cancelled. I know that was last fall, so I continued to book. However, I'm feeling frustrated, as I'm worried that nothing has changed.


I currently have a Southwest credit card, and I've been thinking about changing to the Chase Sapphire to have more airline options. If the flight changes continue as they have been recently, it will make my decision easier.  



Re: SW Response to frustration over changing flight reservations

Explorer C

This has happened to my family as well. 6 people and 15 flights between us. ALL have been changed and they were changed to flights with extended fly times and multiple stops. They were all originally non stop flights. After being left on hold 3 of the times (some were able to be changed online in the app) I was able to change flights. I had to make a bunch of other arrangements, have family change scheduled days off, change hotel accommodations and car rentals causing upwards of $250 per change. After doing all of this, I start getting emails AGAIN stating they were changed! I can’t get through to anyone. The chat feature says there’s no one to talk with and hold times are hours long. I’ve already called and waited hours with the first changes. Customers are most definitely not a priority. Oh.. and I got an email from southwests marketing saying Non stop flights now $50 for some destinations! HAHAHAHAHA.. they can’t honor existing flights but can accommodate new customers for new flights?! SMH