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SW no longer a good deal

Explorer C

After years of frustration at the high cost of SW flights around Xmas I'm finally moving back to legacy carriers for sane prices and sane flight schedules.  I had grown accustomed to all the quirks of SW since I grew up with them since the 80s.  My 2 least favorite flying from the east coast to TX were the over abundance of early morning departures (hard to get to the airport at 4am, sorry) + no non-stops, made flying to TX really uncomfortable since a 3.5 journey became an all day 8-10 hour ordeal.  Now there is virtually no cost savings and SW is often more expensive than other carriers with the added inconvenience of awful departure times and 3-5 hour layover connections - oh yeah in Chicago Midway (good luck with weather in Xmas) or maybe Denver in the wrong direction.  If this is the progress the company is making with improving their IT systems, they are NOT going in the right direction.  This is a Xmas flight I'm happy to make with another airline because SW really cannot offer me a good deal anymore.  


Re: SW no longer a good deal

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your disappointment.


When you find out that the grasss really is not greener on the other side of the fence, feel free to come back.