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SWA doesn't want to increase revenue safely

New Arrival

I understand that SWA needs to stem the losses and selling the middle seat will help,  But they want bodies and not just revenue.  Here's why.


I tried to purchase two seats so I did  not have to sit 12 inches from a potentially COVID positive passenger.  Because I was not a person of size, I cannot do so.  I don't want a reduced fare and I don't want an empty row.  I just want the opportunity to distance myself as much as I am able to do before November 30.  My offer makes complete sense to a business trying to recover from billion dollar losses. They get revenue for two seats while carrying only the weight of one body.


I agree that air on a plane is safer than most businesses but the re-circulation data does not address sitting 12 inches from a stranger.  You can contract COVID-19 from someone - even a friend who sits next to you, everyone wearing a mask - who is unknowingly positive.


Come on  SWA - please live up to all the ads and posters you spend millions on touting how you are consumer friendly.


Re: SWA doesn't want to increase revenue safely

Top Contributor

Southwest is probably looking at the published data, which says the Covid risk from plane exposure is pretty small:


Chances of dying from plane exposure: fro. 1/400,000 to 1/600,000


Chance of getting the virus from plane exposure: 1/5000 to 1/7000 with outcomes from absolutely nothing to death and everything in between. 


It's safer than the car ride I'll take later this morning.

Re: SWA doesn't want to increase revenue safely

Active Member

That does seem strange. They have a system to buy an extra seat,  based solely on the somewhat subjective concept of being overly large... but you can't use it.  Are they going to tell you you're too skinny? 


Especially if you're not asking for a refund. 

Re: SWA doesn't want to increase revenue safely

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I think at the time the decision was made, cases were at the most, steady.  However, what we have seen in the last 5 weeks hopefully will allow SWA to reconsider, but then what if there are already flights that have booked past the number of only window and aisle seats?    I don't have the answer, just know that I will have to cross that bridge when I get there in 3 weeks.  I wish they would reconsider.